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Kindergarten Family Orientation

Welcome to our new kindergarten families! As you prepared for this school year for your child, you probably asked yourself where did the time go. We hope that this marks the beginning of a strong partnership between your family and the teachers and staff at Graham Elementary to provide fantastic educational opportunities for your child.

Kindergarten Family Orientation is today at 10 am. We hope you will join us and take this opportunity to spend time with your child's teacher and learn the routines and procedures of their classroom.

We will see all of our kindergartners tomorrow for their first official day of school!


Open House Tonight at GES

Graham Elementary Open House is tonight from 6 to 7:30 pm.

You may pay school fees with Mrs. Hoey.

You may add to lunch accounts in the cafeteria.

Mr. Burley, from Transportation, will be in the gymnasium to provide bus route information.

Mr. Dillon and I will be giving presentations at 6, 6:30, and 7 in the cafeteria.

I strongly urge families to attend our presentation. This year, the third grade guarantee goes into effect and could have a significant impact on students in K-3. The third grade guarantee requires schools across the state of Ohio to retain students who do not pass the third grade reading test. We have a system in place to identify students that are not on track and intervene to close the gap to ensure success; however, it will take all of to make our kids successful.

In addition, we will have various community organizations in the hallway to provide information and we will have sign ups for a community blood drive on Sept 5.

We hope to see you there.


2013-2014 Supply List Now Available

The supply lists for the 2013-2014 school year are posted on our website now.

Hope you are having a fantastic summer!

Mr. Miller


Positives from GES

Over the course of the year, many great things take place at GES and they often go unnoticed. Below is a snapshot of some of the great things that occurred at GES over the course of the year.

1.    Morning announcements and posting them to Youtube.
2.      Mr. Andy and Mr. Williams gave up the “Duck Dynasty” beards to help promote the Pennies for Patients fundraising efforts.
3.      Students across the building showed significant reading gains that are documented by our benchmark testing.
4.      Many of our students and staff enjoyed walking during our Mini-Relay for Life and the Relay for Life, which helped to raise over $3500.
5.      Dr. Wier visited the second grade to discuss dental health and taking care of our teeth as well as providing goodie bags with toothbrushes and toothpaste.
6.      PTO provided tremendous support through the year (as they always do). Thank you PTO!
7.      The 2012-2013 GES Spelling Bee Winner was 5th grader, Taylor Scott, who represented Graham at the regional spelling bee in Athens, Ohio.
8.      Fun and Creative Leprechaun Traps that were created by our second graders.
9.      Fourth grade held a science night where students displayed their science projects.
10.   The 3rd Graders participated in a “One-Room School House Day.
11.   The second grade had Boonshoft Sound Energy Program in for the day.
12.   We have a wonderful group of support staff team members that pitch in wherever needed.
13.   Mrs. Purk organized the Water Step shoe drive and GES students once again showed their ability to practice good citizenship skills and support those who are less fortunate.
14.   Kindergarten students have made great progress this year.
15.   Mrs. Hurst class is awesome at writing.
16.   Mrs. Regier’s class is excited about reading to each other.
17. Nancy McAlpin visits monthly to read to the second graders.
18. Mr. Glismann reads to all of the first and second graders on a regular basis.
19. Thank you to the numerous parent and community volunteers that provide help throughout the year.
20. All enjoyed PTO Spring Carnival.
21. Mrs. Dickerson and Pennies for Patients continue to raise money for the American Leukemia Society.
22. Graham Elementary continues to grow in the use of data to make instructional decisions and interventions through the growth of our Teacher Based Teams (TBT's) that help support the academic needs of our students.
23. The 5th grade once again collected donations for the Glen Helen Adopt-A-Raptor program to provide funds to support the raptor rescue center.
24. Mrs. Purk organized the Water Step shoe drive that supports the global effort to ensure that everyone around the world has quality drinking water.
25. The 3rd graders participated in a "One-Room" School House Day.
25. The Kdg, 1st, and 2nd graders had Boonshoft presentations.
26. Mrs.Saunders class hatched chicks in their classroom.
27. The Trout in the Classroom project was a huge success releasing over 100 fingerling brown trout into the Mad River.
28. Mrs. Bower, Mrs. Stinson, and Mrs. Henman organized Project MORE to continue to provide reading and mentoring support for our students.
29. Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Breslin, Mrs. Stinson, and Miss Rissner attended Formative Instructional Practice (FIP) training in order to promote the use of assessment to make instructional decisions in order to "FIP our School".
30. Miss Roeth and Mr. Jacobs organized fantastic student mania, jumpy house day, jump rope for heart and many other great activities to keep our students active.
31. The 5th Grade end of year picnic had over 500 family members attend. Good luck to our 5th graders at GES.
32. Deputy Phil provided DARE education to our 5th graders. This gives our 5th graders the tools necessary to make the right decisions as they grow up. Thank you to Deputy Phil for your dedication to GES and all of the kids of Champaign County.
33. Thank you to Mrs. Milligan and Mrs. St. Meyer who are graduating from Graham Elementary after many years of service to the PTO.
34. 5th Grade made more than one year of growth in reading and math during the 2011-2012 school year as measured by Value-Added data and reported on the local report card. Value-added compares a student's scores with all the scores in the state of Ohio on the OAA to determine if student's made a year's growth. See Mr. Miller for more information.
35. Graham Elementary began using Leveled Literacy Intervention in grades 1-5.
36. Graham Elementary began planning for the adoption of the Literacy Collaborative Framework as our model for literacy instruction.
37. PBS committee implemented "Caught Being Good" to promote positive behavior in the building. Special thanks to Nevin Hurst and Erin Dickerson for collecting thousands of tickets. Through the efforts of PBS, office referrals were reduced by 36% this year.
38. Sixty-three of our kindergarten students were above grade level in reading and twenty-two were above a first grade reading level. Nice job, Kindergarten.
39. The increased amount of time given to independent reading in the language arts classrooms created a new love for reading in some and allowed others time to enjoy their favorite thing to do....Read!
40. Graham Elementary has a great group of custodians that work hard to keep our building clean and maintained. They also interact with our students in a positive manner.
41. PTO supported our literacy program with a donation to help start our leveled book room.
42. Fourth grade teachers began providing math intervention at different times each week based on short-cycle, formative assessments given to students over different skills to help all students be successful in math and provided targeted instruction to specific skills.
43. Twenty teachers received ongoing reading and literacy professional development throughout the year provided by Mrs. Gerardi, our curriculum director.
44. Many students went the entire year without earning a strike and had the opportunity to dare a teacher to perform a silly stunt like having Mr. Blosser wear a dress.
45. Third grade teachers developed learning targets and began having students monitor their own progress towards larger goals. Students were given opportunities to practice, provided intervention, and multiple opportunities to show mastery of the learning targets. Again, they used assessments to let the students tell them what they needed and planned lessons around the data and student needs. That is awesome teaching!
46. Third graders sent Flat Stanley all over the world.
47. Third and fourth grade held science nights here at GES.
48. Nurse Jenni organized our composting team that oversaw the beginning of a composting program and the collection of recycled items that would otherwise go in the trash.
49. All the students, staff, families, and volunteers that make GES the great place it is.
50. Congratulations to Miss McLaughlin and Mrs. Zirkle on their retirement. They will be missed.


Summer Updates

Hope everyone is having a great summer.

Open House is scheduled for August 21 from 6 to 7:30 pm. Transportation will be here to inform families of the pick up and drop off time. Office staff here to collect school fees and the cafeteria staff will be here to accept deposits for school meals. The first day for students in first through twelfth grade will be August 22.

Effective for the 2013-2014 school year, breakfast and lunch prices will be increasing. Breakfast will now be $1.35 and lunch will be $2.50. This is a $.10 and $.15 increase that is necessary to meet the new federal and state nutritional guidelines in schools.

We are still accepting applications for Kindergarten. If your child or you know of a child who will be 5 by August 1, please contact the office.

The Ohio Achievement Assessment results are in. If you would like to know the results for your child, please contact me by email at millerc@grahamlocalschools.org and I will email you the scores. Family reports will be out in August/September.

The 2012-2013 school year was our first full year of implementing a balanced literacy approach to reading and emphasizing more individualized small group guided reading lessons. Every student in the building, regardless of their reading level being above or below grade level, was challenged in an appropriate level of text and we saw huge gains in many of our students. Unfortunately, from my experience, many students return to school in August having receded in their reading ability because of a lack of reading over the summer. If you do anything with your child in terms of academics, I cannot stress the importance of ensuring they are active readers over the summer. Here are a few tips for reading over the summer:

  1. Establish a routine and scheduled reading time as a family. Dad might read the newspaper or Sports Illustrated, or In-Fisherman magazine and a good novel by Louis L'amore (my favorite author). Mom might be reading a magazine or novel as well. It does not matter, model the importance of reading. If appropriate, share an article with your child that you are excited about. Let them see that you enjoy reading and don't need an Xbox to have fun. 
  2. To all Dad's: If you have a son, research has shown that you are the key. Boys are less likely to pick up a book and read. If you can model that reading can be "cool" and exciting, your son will become a stronger reader for it. Check out this website that is dedicated to boy's for a list of recommended books: http://www.guysread.com/.
  3. Get enrolled in the summer reading program or at least schedule a bi-weekly trip to the library to exchange books.
  4. Make it fun!

Beginning July 1, the office will be closed; however, I can be reached at (937)508-8680 if you have questions or need something.

Have a great summer and see you at the pool!

Mr. Miller


Helping Your Child To Read Parent Workshop #2

Mrs. Bower, Graham Elementary's Literacy Coach will be hosting a second parent workshop titled, Helping Your Child to Read. The workshop is scheduled for January 28th from 5:45 to 6:45. This is the same night as our PTO mtg and our Red Cross Community Blood Drive. The workshop will take place in Room 4221 in the second grade pod.


Glen Helen Trip

The majority of our fifth graders recently returned from Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center after spending Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday exploring the great outdoors with the naturalist from Glen Helen. This trip, for many of our students is the highlight of their experience at Graham Elementary.

Thanks to Deputy Phil and all of our other volunteers who make this trip possible by spending the nights in the dorms with the students and helping with supervision.

Click the link below to view a video of some of the highlights from the trip.

Glen Helen Oct 15-17


Busy Week at GES

This is a busy week at Graham Elementary. We have three evening events scheduled as well as a visit from the Dancing Band from Falcon Land on Thursday.

The following events are scheduled for this week:

Sept 18 at 7pm will be the 5th Grade Band Parent Meeting in the cafeteria.

Sept 19 will be Fantastic Student Mania for the Primary Grades.

Sept 20 will be Fantastic Student Mania after school for the Intermediate Grades.

Sept 20 at 2:20 will be a preview show by the high school marching band for their upcoming band festival on Saturday.


GES Update September 6, 2012

We are off to a great start to the school year. Just a few reminders regarding school procedures and a couple of updates.

  • Starting next week, staff will not be warming up lunches in the microwave. Please pack an appropriate lunch that does not need warmed up.

  • Schoolmall: Your child or children should be bringing home a yellow booklet that is a very easy fundraiser we do to support PTO who works very hard to support the teachers and students of Graham Elementary. For every booklet that is returned, we receive $2.25. Not bad for collecting a few names and addresses. Unlike many sales, this one takes 8-10 minutes and to return the booklet to school.

  • Thank you to all the families for following our traffic flow procedures and remaining in your cars. If you do not want to wait in line, please park in a parking spot and walk over to escort your child to the vehicle.

  • Reminder that the student code of conduct is in effect at all athletic events and students are reminded that they must stay in the stands during the football games and not to be running under the bleachers or other areas.

  • I encourage all families to sign up for Ohio Alerts. Click on the link and it will take you to the correct website. This site will also allow you to sign up to receive info from Graham Elementary. Graham Delays and Cancellations Info

  • Conferences will be the first couple weeks of October. Please schedule a conference with your child's teacher.

  • Reminder that school fees need to be paid in order for a child to be able to purchase school pictures, yearbooks, attend extracurriculars such as Glen Helen, Student Mania, etc... If you need to establish a payment plan, contact Mr. Dillon or Mr. Miller. If you are in need of assistance, I highly encourage all families to apply for free or reduced meals at school. Contact Mrs. Hoey for an application.

  • Fantastic Student Mania is coming up on Sept 19th and 20th. Please put it on your calendars and hope to see all of the kids here.


Welcome Back!

We hope that everyone had a fantastic summer and you take this week to enjoy the fair. Open House will be August 15 from 6 to 7:30. First day for students will be August 16. Kindergarten Family orientation will be Monday, August 20 at 10 a.m. First day for Kindergarten will be August 21.

Hope to see all of you on the 15th.

Mr. Miller and Mr. Dillon